Don Davis

Don Davis - Survival Instructor

Don has been a wilderness survival instructor and involved with search and rescue since 1981. As a SAR Manager for Larimer County Search and Rescue in Fort Collins, Colorado, Don sees first-hand the types of mistakes people make in the outdoors, and the trouble those mistakes lead to.

Don helps test and evaluate, in real world situations, the many products that come to WSI every year, determining their value to the person in an emergency. He is the developer and lead instructor for the WSI training programs.

A professional knife maker by trade, Don has won several national awards for his designs and he is the designer and manufacturer of the "Papa Bear" signature knife. This knife is available by custom order only, through the WSI supply catalog.

He has had training as a Colorado Certified EMT-Basic, an American Heart Association CPR Instructor, and an Instructor for Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness First Responder courses.